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Our Games


  • ​Sharing your legacy with the younger generation

  • Saving family history from the past. 

  • Allowing wedding guests to contribute their memories and stories of the happy couple

  • Allowing new family members to integrate into their new family more deeply. 

  • Sharing adventures of a memorable journey.

  • Use with issues of dementia

  • Families split over different continents to understand their different lives and the cultures.​The games are          useful for

How it helps


Recollect Life is a game that shares your stories in a fun and exciting way so that friends and family can learn about your life and the challenges you overcame. It is a game that breaks down barriers between generations and allows the family stories and photos to be passed down.
Recollect Life is a game of two parts - the first as players move through the decades and recollect stories about the person's life or journey, the second about their legacy and the players' own lives.
Recollect Life may add to or replace a presentation or book.


The founders of are James Hunt and May James who bring together their unique complimentary skills in drawing out stories of life and Creative Problem solving.

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